A typical massage therapy session is between 30 and 60 minutes. Your first massage will begin with a brief consultation and review of symptoms, medical history, and lifestyle. Please allow 5-10 minutes before your first appointment to fill in a client information form.

Deep Tissue Massage – 30 min-$50/ 60 min-$80

It targets the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue using slower strokes or friction techniques across the grain of the muscle.

Deep tissue massage is used for chronically tight or painful muscles, repetitive strain, postural problems, or recovery from injury. The purpose of Deep Tissue Massage is to unstick the fibres of the muscles and release both toxins and deeply held tension points.  It usually focuses on specific areas and helps to loosen muscle tissues, release toxins from muscles and get blood and oxygen circulating properly.

Sports Massage – 30 min-$50/ 60 min-$80

Sports massage is a type of massage that helps with sporting injuries or ailments. It’s used before or after sporting activities. With Sports massage the focus is to prepare peak performance, it helps to relieve swelling, reduce muscle tension, promote flexibility, prevent injuries, improve heart rate and blood pressure.

A combination of techniques are used. The strokes are generally faster than Swedish massage. Stretching is a common technique.



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